Ask me anything   The earth I tread on is not a dead inert mass. It is a body—has a spirit—is organic—and fluid to the influence of its spirit—and to whatever particle of the spirit is in me.

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I want to be free.

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One of the straw bale homes at Friland in Denmark with a green roof. More natural homes to see on their website at (in Danish). Our thanks to by Karen Eliot for this photo.

This is Ziggy’s house at Dancing Rabbit ecoVilage. Ziggy grows strawberries on his roof. Find out more about Ziggy’s green roof here: Ziggy has written a book too

The Faerie House green roof on a clay and lime plastered straw bale house. Lots of pictures about this magical place at

This little cob cottage, hiding in the Canadian woods, is as much a work of art as it is a home. Sunlight peeps in to the cottage through recycled car windshields, bottles and a recycled skylight and at night candles provide pools of light around a wood stove. It’s one of the homes built by the Mud Girls [] who you can see here sitting on the green roof. You can see the cottage in candle light if you follow this link. The pictures are about two thirds of the way down the page:

This is a home built by Kirsten Klibo in Torup ecoVillage [] in Denmark. She described wanting a home that, “was able to breath had soft shapes and was built with 100% natural materials”. It’s an untypical design with interior cob walls wrapped with exterior straw bales. More pictures in the future from this beautiful place.

What is it that makes this building so attractive? Possibly the climbing plants around the door and its connection to the earth [See patterns No.246 and]. This straw bale garden room in East Meredith, NY, USA was built by Sita Sanders as a college project. Sita was straw bale builder Clark Sanders’ [] partner.

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